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Titre: Numerical Investigation of Methane-air Mixture with CO2 Dilution (in Fuel, first air and second air inlet) in a Gas Turbine Combustor Chamber
Auteur(s): Guessab, Ahmed
Mots-clés: Flame
CO2 dilution
Date de publication: 6-Jul-2015
Editeur: University of sciences and technology in Oran
Résumé: A numerical study on non-premixed combustion methane/air and biogas/air mixture in swirl combustor is performed. In this study the inlet velocity, NO and temperature of fuel and combustor geometry and size are kept to be the same but the effect on the variation of CO2 dilution is observed. Results of this simulation show as the CO2 dilution rate increases, flame temperature, NO and combustion velocity decreases.
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