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Titre: Computed Torque Control of a Puma 600 Robot by Using Fuzzy Logic
Auteur(s): Ouamri, Bachir
Mots-clés: Computed torque control
Puma 600 robot
Fuzzy logic control
Date de publication: 6-May-2015
Editeur: University of sciences and technology in Oran
Résumé: The strong dependence of the computed torque control (CTC) of the dynamic model of the robot manipulator makes this one very sensitive to uncertainties of modelling and to the external disturbances. In general, the vector of Coriolis torque, centrifugal and gravity is very complicated, consequently, very difficult to modelled. In order to improve the performance of this control, we propose in this paper a simple and more robust technique based on the fuzzy logic control (FLC) while retaining the architecture of this method. The contribution of this technique was shown by simulation results.
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