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Titre: Non-linear analysis of the behaviour of buried structures in random media
Auteur(s): Kazi Tani, Nabil
Nedjar, Djamel
Hamane, Mebrouk
Mots-clés: soil–structure interaction
buried sewers
material non-linearity
finite difference method
Mohr–Coulomb model
modulus of subgrade reaction
spatial variability
Date de publication: 17-Feb-2015
Editeur: University of sciences and technology on Oran
Résumé: In this study, a review of various research works dealing with the numerical modelling of soil–structure interaction problems is presented. Numerical models have been illustrated to show the performance of techniques used for resolving soil–pipe interaction problems by considering the non-linear and random aspects of soil. Nonlinear analysis has been carried out by using an elasto-perfectly plastic model where soil geo-mechanical characteristics have been determined by means of a probabilistic approach “Monte Carlo method” to quantify the influence of the spatial variability of soil geo-mechanical characteristics on the longitudinal responses of a part of sewer. Numerical illustrations are based on the combination of the soil non-linearities and the probabilistic determination of its geo-mechanical properties which can allow us to describe the mechanical behaviour of buried structures in dispersed environments at the stage where the complexity of soil–structure interaction problem is relatively more pronounced.
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