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Titre: Contribution à la modélisation par la méthode des réseaux de reluctances (MRR) d'une machine à reluctance variable
Auteur(s): Kada Belghitri, Naouel
Mots-clés: Coénergie
non-linear model
Reluctance network method
Switched reluctance motor
teeth contour pérméance
Date de publication: 10-Nov-2015
Editeur: University of sciences and technology in Oran
Résumé: In this paper a design procedure for 6/4 switched reluctance motor is established. A 2D non-linear reluctance network model combined to teeth contour pérméance method is used. A calculation algorithm was first implemented on the basis of existing motor and then extended for varying dimensions of geometric parameters, specially teeth and air gap. The model was validated with finite elements analysis. The design procedure was established on the basis of minimizing torque ripples. The study contains two parts; a constant current supplied motor then a constant voltage supplied one. Finally a relation between stator teeth and rotor teeth with the air gap as parameter was established.
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