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Titre: Comparative conductimetric studies of salicylic acid in methanol—water mixtures at 25°C
Auteur(s): Z. Chaaraou
Ali H. AlTaia
Mots-clés: salicylic ac
association constan
Walden product
electrolyte conductivity
Date de publication: 16-Jun-2015
Editeur: University of sciences and technology in Oran
Résumé: The conductivity of salicylic acid in methanol—water mixtures was measured at 25°C. Experimental data were analyzed using the Hsia—Fuoss and Fuoss 78 conductance equations and a comparison was made. The Hsia—Fuoss and Fuoss78 methods were also used to deter mine the thermodynamic association constants and the limiting molar conductivities for all solvent compositions. The limiting equivalent conductance decreases with an increase in the methanol content in the binary mixtures over the whole range of solvent compositions, but the variation does not give a constant value of Walden product. The electrolytes were found to be practically completely associated in all solvent mixtures studied. The association constant of salicylic acid decreases as the dielectric constants of the mixtures increase.
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