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Titre: Bi-Dimensional Zero Padding Angular Interpolation for Arc Handling in Computed Tomography Scanner
Auteur(s): Ahmed Bacha
A. Oukebdann
A. Belbachir
Mots-clés: Filtered Back Projectio
Computed Tomograph
Zero Paddin
linear interpolation
Radon Projection Estimations
Date de publication: 14-Jun-2015
Editeur: University of sciences and technology in Oran
Résumé: In this work we examine the accuracy of our proposed interpolation algorithm by zero-padding comparing to standard techniques for the task of interpolating additional projections to be insert in sinogram witch lost some projections caused by an X-ray tube arcing in computed tomography scanners. During the time that the X-ray tube recovers to full voltage after an arc, image data is not collected and data projections are lost caused poor image quality in the tomography reconstruction process. We have developed an algorithm based on an estimated calculation of a virtual projection using the zero-padding interpolation. The results show a significant reduction of the star effect noise on the reconstructed image. Our algorithm was compared to simple interpolation linear method using statistical hypothesis testing .Our test simulating the human body while the programming is carried out in MATLAB 6.5.
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