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Titre: Influence of Hydration on the Neutral Complex ( - OH, H 3 O + ) (H 2 O) n
Auteur(s): Benyettou, Fatma
Mots-clés: hydrated proton clusters
density functional theory
he proton transfer
ab initio methode
intermolecular interactions
hydrogen bond
Date de publication: 19-May-2015
Editeur: University of sciences and technology in Oran
Résumé: Density-functional theory (DFT) within local density approximation (LDA) has been carried out for a sequence of hydrated proton clusters. Optimised structures were odtained for n=0, 1 and OH, H3O+)(H2O)n, complex . Hydronium ion H3O+ and hydroxide ion OH are found to be the center of the neutral complex (-OH, H3O+-). The LDA give shorter hydrogen bond lengths O-H, bslightly longer chemical bond lengths O…H as compared with the Post-Hartree-Fock calculations.We found that the distance O...H successively increases with the number of water molecules added to the neutral complex (-OH, H3O). The solvent effects on proton transfer energy barriers in clusters have been studied. The harmonic vibrational frequencies and IR intensities of various modes have been generated for all optimised structures. This study was confirmed by vibrational studies of these complexes, our results give excellent agreement with experimental values.
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