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Titre: Extraction of Copper(||) from Sulphate Aqueous Medium with N,N'-bis(2-hydroxy-1-aphthalideneaminoethyl)amine Polydentate Schiff Base in Aqueous Two-phase Micellar of Non-lonic Surfactant
Auteur(s): Reffas, Hasnia
Benabdellah, Tayeb
Hadj youcef, Mohamed
Ilikti, Hocine
Mots-clés: Di-Schiff base ligand
N,N 0 -bis(2-Pyridylmethylidene)-1,2-diiminoethane
Charge transfer complex
Scott and Foster– Hammick–Wardley equations
Date de publication: 1-Feb-2015
Editeur: University of science and technology on Oran
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